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WiFixer is based on the principle of sharing available WiFi Internet access
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WiFixer is based on the simple principle of sharing available WiFi Internet access.
The WiFixer Union provides its participants free WiFi searching app with an opportunity to get high-speed WiFi Internet access, or to offer their own WiFi networks to generate income by forming a community of Users and Agents.
WiFixer participants are divided into Users and Agents. These roles define their functions in the WiFixer Union. Participants can be both a User and an Agent.
WiFixer Users have an opportunity to join any WiFi network within the Union or receive free Internet access. As a WiFixer Agent one has an opportunity to offer his/her WiFi network to WiFixer Users on certain conditions.
To join the WiFixer Union, participants complete a simple online registration. Users then download and install WiFi searching application to their computers or network devices. Agents must also configure their WiFi access points to work with WiFixer.

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